Korero is the Maori word for a story, a lesson, a heart-to-heart, the meeting of minds between spiritual and physical.


To both Maori and Aboriginal native cultures, the art of storytelling is sacred: honouring our experiences, providing inspiration and solutions to our problems. Important especially to those who survived diaspora is understanding their existence within the wider context of their culture, environment and the Universe.


Sacred storytellers from many tribes worldwide had the task of healing illness and melancholy as guided by Spirit. 'Spirit', of course, can be defined as a person's connection to all other things. You may feel more comfortable to identify this as God, as Mother Nature, or your ancestors.

A common example of a personal korero is the one that tells us that our pain after a heavy gym workout is enjoyable and satisfying. If pain is simply pain, why do we suffer less when we have a more comprehensive narrative of what is going on spiritually within that pain?

Stories, our personal narratives, our korero, define every second of our existence, whether an event is powerful or hurtful.  What we now call Cognitive Behavioural Therapy clinically has been a deeply-held indigenous practice for thousands of years worldwide. The importance of centering Indigenous spiritual understanding of the world is only growing as we move through increasingly urgent environmental and social crises.

People lose their mana (their presence, their power) as a result of living with poor or toxic personal narratives - those influenced by sexism, fear, misogyny or the media cycle. Even the modern 'wellness' industry promotes unattainable, unhealthy stories to the most vulnerable of people. 

Korero is the practice of regaining our mana through subverting old narratives, reframing the way in which we understand ourselves, our spiritual path and our environment, and allowing space to rewrite our personal and collective stories. Korero allows us to 'decolonise' our wellness.

About Kelsey

Kelsey is a Maori-Australian spiritual counselor, life coach, tarot guru, astrologer and successful writer committed to the work of decolonising wellness. Her work centres kōrero as essential for healing and healthy relationships.


Kelsey's spiritual advice, life insights, coaching tips, self-love guidance, manifesting tools, poetry and horoscopes can be found everywhere from The Telegraph and Buzzfeed to The Coveteur and Rebelle Society.

  With a wealth of teaching in trauma recovery, shamanism, meditation, CBT, holistic counselling, astrology, massage and breathwork; deep experiences are broken down into simple, practical insight, solutions and rituals for soul family all around the world. 

Kelsey is a vibrant and hands-on holistic teacher, healer and speaker. She is passionate about education, intersectional feminism, healthy human connection and the honouring of the Earth.

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