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What does

'The Kōrero' mean?

Put simply, Korero is the Maori word for a story, or a conversation.

Reading a social media post, going to a counsellor, having a Tarot reading, singing a song, going to a protest... these are all forms of korero!


To both Maori and Aboriginal native cultures, storytelling is sacred art: honouring our experiences, providing inspiration and solutions to our problems. Important especially to those who survived diaspora is understanding their existence within the wider context of their culture, environment and the Universe.

In other words, why am I like this? What's going on more deeply? What have I come from? And what impact can I have?


Sacred storytellers from many tribes worldwide traditionally had the task of healing illness and melancholy as guided by Spirit. 'Spirit', of course, can be defined as a person's connection to all other things. You may feel more comfortable to identify this as God, as Mother Nature, or your ancestors.

Now, for centuries, some forms of korero have excluded, harmed or misrepresented women, children, neurodiverse folk, LGBTQ+ and people of colour. (Think government policies, history books and authority figures).


So our stories have been shared in different, more accessible, more creative ways - games, rituals, song, poetry, yarning circle, storytelling, card reading, mythology. And guess what? It works!


My work is centred on empowering people to understand, honour and tell their story. Whether it’s getting a grip on a weird relationship through Tarot, understanding the nuances of inherent bias from an anti-racism lesson, finding new ways to celebrate your neurodiversity or ethical, trustworthy spiritual advice… or hey, even getting together for a coffee and a korero in one of my sacred storytelling circles!


When we korero, we connect, heal, and break through.

Kia ora!

I'm Kelsey.

In short, I’m a spiritual guide, intuitive-led counselor, Tarot and Astrology maven, writer and a witch. I’m Maori-Australian, an activist and consultant on diversity, inclusion and decolonisation. And I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with over 700 clients worldwide since 2014.


I’ve been studying and practising spirituality, Stoicism, all things healing and esoteric for over 25 years as part of my culture, whanau (family) and upbringing. I know my sh*t, but I'm also not into snake-oil selling. Spiritual and community ethics are so important to me! 


Here’s my formal education background: Masters of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Major in English and Education, minor in Indigenous Studies), Diploma of Counselling Skills, Certificate of Trauma-Informed Cultural Capability, Certificate III in Early Childhood Education, Certificate of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Certificate of Lomi-Lomi Polynesian Bodywork, Mandatory Reporting, Child Protection, Certificate of Crisis Care, First Aid + more.


Here’s the fun stuff I’ve also studied, practiced and/or taught: Shamanism, breathwork, Eastern Astrology, Plant Medicine, Mindfulness, Meditation, Witchcraft, Paganism, Mythology, Tarot, Oracle Reading, Past Life Healing, Symbolism and Effective Storytelling, Poetry, Indigenous Media, Environmental Literature, Spanish, te reo Maori, Bellydancing.

Here's just some of the awesome places The Korero has taken me to live, work, study and explore: Peru, Miami, New York, Egypt, Ireland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, Paris, Italy, Monaco, Melbourne, Sydney, Vanuatu, Turkey, Tenerife... I live in Australia now, but work with amazing people from all over the world.


You can book a personal session with me, or hire me for keynote speaking, workshop teaching or writing.

At the moment, I’m reworking some of my Social Justice and Education consultation work, so check back in a few months for updates and in the meantime, contact me for the witchy stuff!

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