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From today til July, and then from December 2020 until 2023 Saturn - The father-god who as a planet rules time, effort, mastery and structure - is moving from Capricorn into Aquarius! Saturn transits last 2-3 years, visiting each sign once every 29 years. Collectively, Saturn brings attention and challenges to work through - and in Capricorn since late 2017, the sign of big business, government & institutions, all of our global conflicts have related to our world leaders, banks, religions and social structures and what happens when power goes corrupt.

Saturn gets a bad rap in modern Insta-Astrology because in the age of superficiality and disconnection, it's easy to interpret Saturnine energy as like... difficult.

The thing is this. (And this is super important if you were born in 1991-92 and are having your Saturn Return in the next year!) Saturn doesn't punish us, it asks us to take the time to invest and nurture, what we want to grow. If this matters to you, be present and care for it. Do it properly.

Practical solutions. Show up. Long-term benefits.

Collectively Saturn (with Pluto) in Capricorn has been asking - 'Ok, are you happy with family behaviour, your government's priorities, people who are in power? Do you trust them to rely on them?' and if not, 'Where can YOU take responsibility now?'

Saturn transits don't ask for miracles, they ask us to show up and do something tangible. I.e. There's no point ranting online if you aren't also doing objective research to ensure you have correct information and then translating that into action like protests, petitioning and personal responsibility. There's no point getting your hair done but skipping the overdue trip to your dentist. Sometimes it feels better to have savings instead of a holiday. You SHOULD be saying please, thank you and sorry to your partner and being accountable to your family. You know? It's about boiling down what's important, INVESTING TIME & ENERGY into MASTERING that thing so that it lasts and blooms.

Anyhoop, let's talk Saturn in Aquarius!

Aquarius, the sign of friends and organisations, ideals, dreams, theories and technology, is humanitarian but distant - an air sign, after all. Saturn in Aquarius is bringing us challenges in those areas collectively, not to punish us but to help us prioritise and sort what's REAL from what isn't. And above all to remember that our lives both impact, and are impacted from the world around us - we don't exist in a bubble, even when it would be comforting to believe so.

Saturn in Aquarius ideas:

-Transform your dreams into something real.

-Are you being too idealistic with some relationships or trends?

-Consider the possibility that you may be wrong sometimes & it's an opportunity to grow.

-Make your business actively inclusive, not exclusive.

-Be on the lookout for extremist dogma

-Reinvent your working schedule or education.

-If your group, organisation or friend circle no longer resonates with your values, go solo.

-Challenge outdated ideas within yourself and outside of yourself

-Learn to embrace the voices of people that you may not have considered, don't be afraid of the new!

Saturn in Aquarius recent history:

1991-1993 Apartheid dismantled, South Africa

Hubble Telescope launched, giving unprecedented views of space & Earth

First International World Ocean's Day Apple releases their first personal laptop computers

1962-1964 American Civil Rights Act signed into law

Helen Gurley Brown publishes 'Sex and the Single Girl' Channel Tunnel is commenced to connect the UK and France UK death penalty is abolished World's first high-speed rail network introduced BASIC (user-friendly computer programming language) is released


Read below for your personal Saturn in Aquarius horoscope!

Over the next 3 years, Saturn in Aquarius will impact all of us in global and also personal ways. Read your Rising Sign first (if you know it!) and your Sun Sign to get an idea of what areas of your life are up for:

-Restructuring or defining in a more truthful, innovative way

-Mastering or investing time, patience & effort into

-Finding solutions to old wounds or problems

-Releasing old conditioning & taking ownership

-Realising how much personal influence you have- and using it

-Receiving or witnessing justice

-Using technology, new or radical ideas, professional help, spiritual or humanitarian inspiration

-Slowing down, focusing and doing what needs to be done


ARIES RISING/SUN: Friends, groups, organisations, dreams, political or social affiliations, goals, beliefs, networks and your vision of your own future and that of humanity.

TAURUS RISING/SUN: Career, public persona, privacy or lack of, success, leadership, professional goals, achievements, status, fatherhood, ego and what you want to be known or remembered for.

GEMINI RISING/SUN: Education, higher learning, academia, study, long-distance travel or foreign cultures and issues, justice, law, worldview, religion, your personal philosophy, dogma and how you perceive freedom.

CANCER RISING/SUN: Intimate relationships, sexuality, debts, inherited beliefs, fears or money, taxes, ancestors, transformation, power balances, healing, the shadow, personal development, the influence of significant others and your relationship to spirituality.

LEO RISING/SUN: Relationships, compassion, dependencies, commitments, grudges, enemies, how you deal with opposition or resistance, the balance of give and take, authenticity in connections, accountability, growing with others, understanding and commitment.

VIRGO RISING/SUN: Physical health, the body, daily routine, being of service to others and the world, obligations, duties, daily job, exercise, mental health, work, rituals, repairs, lifestyle, self-discipline and your day-to-day choices like food, commuting, schedule.

LIBRA RISING/SUN: Romance, children, fertility, creativity, artistic endeavours, personal expression, truth-telling and truth-hearing, affection, joy, gambling, freedom, fun, entertainment, hobbies and how you define what pleasure is good for your soul and what is distraction.

SCORPIO RISING/SUN: Home, family, motherhood, town or country of origin, culture, your roots, memories, emotional baggage or karma, burdens, the structures of your life including your house and your inner peace.

SAGITTARIUS RISING/SUN: Communication, listening, mental focus and discipline, gossip, siblings and cousins, daily interactions, early education, behaviour, local travel, trade, weather, how you relate to the media and what and how you share with others.

CAPRICORN RISING/SUN: Income, assets, valuables, your money, shopping, ownership, materialism, self-worth, self-esteem, morality, gadgets, data, spending, borrowing, clothing, how you define yourself psychologically/spiritually vs materially and what is emotionally valuable to you.

AQUARIUS RISING/SUN: Getting to know yourself, how you perceive the world and are perceived, identity, wishes, needs, talents, skills, desires, selfishness, selflessness, vision, manifestation, decompartmentalising your life and living in line with your values.

PISCES RISING/SUN: Healing, rest, sleep, spirituality, the past, solitude, meditation, peace, self-sabotage, addiction, memories, nostalgia, delusion, endings, closure, release, cleansing, Higher powers, the Angelic realm and learning to be alone with yourself.

FOR ALL SIGNS: Be present. Try something new. Breathe. Walk the talk. Take baby steps. Don't judge. Look to the long-term outcome, not how messy things may look today. Remember that you're building something of value.

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Kia ora soul family,

How are you guys doing?

If you’ve been following me for a few years, you know that I’ve been talking about early 2020 as being a really pivotal time in our personal & collective history. I’ve been genuinely amazed at how many of you have, in your own ways over the last 2-3 years, felt an intuitive push to make really authentic, life-deep changes whether it’s moving on from toxic relationships to home-schooling your children or finding more flexible career options and more. Even when it’s been uncomfortable or felt selfish, doesn’t it show you how spiritually protected and intuitive you are, sensing the need to be more free & agile in the years ahead?

So let me say, first of all, I feel incredibly blessed and inspired to know you.

Secondly, I know a lot of you are being walloped with information, demands, strange circumstances, isolation, money struggles or other stress at this time whether in light of Covid-19, the aftermath of bushfires, Brexit or economic downturn.

So here are the ways in which I will be of service to you at this time.

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I’ve given this a lot of thought. Like many of you I am a small business owner, choosing to step away from a high-paying public services career because I want to help people, but also needing to pay rent, feed my loved ones and so on. So all that I ask is that, if you do avail of this offer (or even if you don’t), that you share my work in some way. It was never my goal to make a million dollars and be famous on Oprah - only to guide people and teach spiritual practice through which they can survive trauma, thrive and create beautiful lives full of love & truth and joy. So I don’t have aggressive marketing campaigns or ads on my website, I don’t share clickbait articles, fear-mongering or other ways of getting your attention; preferring instead to connect organically with other human beings. So please, do forward this or my other emails, do share an Instagram post @kelseykorero, tag a friend who may benefit or resonate with me! Connecting in loving, integrity-aligned ways is the future.

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4. For only £20, I’ll be offering one hour Skype/Zoom cosmic catch-up sessions. What are these? Not a reading, and not a full coaching or personal counsel program, if you simply need an hour to vent to someone, discuss the spiritual or deeper meaning/symbolism of current events with someone (me) who’s not spiritually bypassing OR fearmongering, dream interpretation, even just have a sanity-saving chat or advice on your spiritual practice, home life, relationship, fears, stress - whatever you need. It might be advice on a particular Tarot card meaning, doing breathing exercises together, even a guided meditation from me or a bitching session about your psycho boss. A full hour, just you and me. If you need to hide in your broom cupboard away from your family with a glass of wine and your hot water bottle while we talk, do it. Okay? Let me be here for you.


5. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be hosting Instagram Live Korero with Kelsey sessions. First up will be talking about the symbolism of the myth of Persephone and Pluto and how we can apply this to healing or working through trauma or a change in life circumstances. The idea of these is a) to learn something fun to add to your spiritual toolbox but also b) to connect and not be stranded with your own thoughts if you’re isolated. Think of it like a remote hang-out in my living room! Light your incense, grab a coffee and join me. I’ll be answering questions too. Keep an eye out - I’ll post reminders on IG and FB before the time!

Let me just finish with an update on the current global astrology - some things to think about.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2019/2020 is like a X-point in the history of the world. Saturn rules (among other things) time, patriarchy, structure, effort. Think banks, families, institutions, healthcare systems, the stock market, our families. Pluto rules power, death/rebirth, transformation, taboos. When these two planets interact (which they rarely do), we experience pivotal world events that seem like chaos as certain systems (Saturn) crumble into anarchy (Pluto). But you see, the POINT of them is for us, as individuals, to rebuild healthier, stronger systems that can truly last - not things built on false power, greed, hatred, inequality. Like the Tower card in Tarot, this is an uncomfortable moment of really showing us the state of the world, and it’s not about panicking OR ignoring things, it’s just realising that we DO contribute to this, like it or not, and if we want to see a better vision in the world then we need to, in our own ways, create that vision.

Other Saturn-Pluto moments in history include the outbreak of AIDS in the 1980’s (and remember the discrimination & misinformation that this caused?), 9/ll, the ‘invention’ of the Internet, the first nuclear bomb dropped, the French Revolution and the Protestant Reformation. It’s okay to be afraid, but it’s also important to realise that we are ALL human and our little choices spread like a ripple and impact everybody else. By freeing yourself of toxic systems & old ways of behaving, you free others and you free up your future options to be more rewarding.

Also! Saturn, after two years in Capricorn, moves briefly into Aquarius this week until July, and then will stay there from December 2020 until 2023. Saturn in Aquarius will bring big shifts in our collective ideals, the ways we use technology and the way we disseminate information. I’m making a straight-up prediction here which is - the next two years are important to be very careful about the information you put online about yourself and your family. Aquarius, the air sign, is often dogmatic but is better able to see the bigger picture. More people will be having a more global outlook and this will lead to personal changes. For example, the trend of ‘fast fashion’ like H&M, Primark, Topshop seems harmless but the low cost of this clothing causes HUGE landfill and forces millions of workers (including children) into labour in terrible conditions. I believe people will be starting to link their individual actions to what’s happening out there in the bigger world.

I realise this is a huge email and I greatly appreciate you reading! As ever, I am here to support you, wherever you are in the world, with huge amounts of love, clarity & understanding. Please share, please connect with each other and me, please utilise this time so you can look back with pride.

Do book yourself in with me during the rest of March and let me (and Spirit!) help you recharge. We have so much to look forward to, if we care for each other.

Aroha nui,



It's time for the new age industry's obsession with women's wombs to end.


This belief (which goes beyond celebrating the womb to actually seeing women solely as a womb-vessel) isn't rooted in spiritual practice or healing, but in religion. Many people find New Age spirituality seeking freedom from religion but in doing so, bring those restrictive judgements &limited beliefs, simply repackaging them as 'spiritual and sacred'.


It's an idea that the New Age LOVES - that the purpose of a spiritual woman, the pinnacle of her life, is being radiant in pregnancy, breeding the next generation of rainbow children. (And I'm NOT criticising or shaming pregnancy or motherhood. I'm challenging the idea that is pervasive in current spirituality that a woman's entire identity is her womb.)


Did you know, in my culture, the ultimate female deity is Papa, Mother Nature? Less important than worshipping her WOMB is worshipping her WORK. Which is the clean oceans, the healthy soils.


Did you know that for thousands of years, poor women were enslaved into breeding so that they could be 'wet nurses' for rich women, or to give them their babies in the event of infertility? Did you know that legal eugenics programs existed to 'breed out' blackness by white colonisers raping Indigenous & women of colour for GENERATIONS until they were having white-passing babies? Did you know that the time in a woman's life where her chance of being abused or murdered skyrockets if she's pregnant? Did you know that child marriage is still a huge issue - in the West? Especially to be poor or to be a WOC means to spend your life reduced to your sexuality and proclivity or willingness to use that as leverage to survive, whether being trafficked for prostitution or perceived as being 'a welfare mom'. . An example? I still remember vividly the first time a fully-grown, adult man projected racial sexual fantasies on me in public, hissing at me that I was 'a little harem girl' and 'exotic' and 'going to make him leave his wife if I kept looking like that'. I was eleven years old. From a young age society indoctrinates girls of colour to be viewed sexually, in contrast with their 'pure' caucasian peers.


While the open conversations around honouring our wombs are great, they centre only ONE type of female experience - that is, middle-class white women escaping from puritanical ideals of chastity, diet culture and the institution of traditional marriage - and not the experiences of millions of other women and people which is: The need to be heard & valued BEYOND their sexual reproductive system.

What I'm saying is, that our 'Womb Blessing' circles, the groups of dancing around with flowers on our heads is important but it does NOT heal the collective unless we're also actively dismantling the belief that we as women are only COMPLETED by our wombs and motherhood. Recognising that rape and motherhood have been used as tools of war & colonisation for thousands of years, recognising that POC are portrayed overtly sexually from childhood, that all forms of Divine Femininity need to be given a platform in the 2020's and that the platonic ideal of that isn't necessarily a pregnant woman.


When I talk about the obsession with wombs, I'm not talking about the anti-shame work that lots of women do in order to heal trauma & abuse. I'm talking about all of these brand-new whitewashed messages that 'WOMEN ARE SACRED *BECAUSE* WE HAVE A WOMB'. Ummmm. Where I come from, we don't respect people BASED on their ability to birth a child, but because they have intrinsic value as a human being. Maybe as a mother, yes, but also maybe a warrior, a poet, a ship-builder, a dancer, a Two-Spirit (someone identifying as Other gendered), a wise person, maybe all of those things or none of those things. As women, we are sacred. Full stop. The womb is special because it gives life, but also think about this: the nervous system is special because it has the ability to heal & to influence the potential development of a child. The brain is special because it has the ability to pass on wisdom. The hands are special because they have the ability to keep people safe. The presence of absence of a womb is not what defines a spiritual woman, or any type of woman at all.


Many of the bravest women I've ever met, weren't born genetically female. Some incredible men I know, transitioned. There are women who are born without wombs or periods or women that have hysterectomies. There are women who aren't the primary caregiver of their kids. There are women with no kids.


Some of the most powerful work that women are doing, spiritually, are things that we view as traditionally 'masculine' - arguing against control. Protesting. Fighting. Standing up for themselves. Travelling. Challenging systems in court. Fighting to be HEARD in communication. Writing their life stories. Increasing their physical strength. Most importantly, stopping old inherited family patterns and WORKING to halt generations of trauma. Your 'sacred femininity' is an ENERGY, an understanding, NOT your uterus.


To reduce a woman to her womb is simply stepping back to a religious age, albeit through marketing to women to crown *themselves* because they have a womb rather than waiting to be born into a life of royalty or gentry. Yes, women! Crown yourselves! But not BECAUSE you have a womb, but because you're a powerful, integral, connected soul in a human body and everything you do creates new ways for the Divine Feminine to heal and express herself.


Let us never forget that the Western world's ultimate spiritual 'mother' - Mary of Nazareth, mother of Jesus - was a 14 year old girl surrounded by old religious men and forced to give birth surrounded by pigs.