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How are you all holding up?

A quick heads-up for you on the energies of May and as we move toward mid-year. 

Please note too that I have reduced the cost of ALL sessions (to nearly half price) until further notice in order for these to be more financially accessible to all people.

It does mean that I need to work an extra day a week to make up the difference, so I am/have been less active on social media as a result and thank you so much for your understanding on this!  As you would probably know, I have been talking about the events and implications of 2020 for the past two years so do feel free to browse through old posts as they may have something helpful for you! It's really important for me right now to be of service in whatever ways I can, and also to 'walk my talk' - so if you need assistance, or would like to discuss payment plans or other sources of help for you, please let me know.

The upside of this for you is that my current waiting time for sessions is less than a week so absolutely feel free to book in for intuitive Tarot counsel (Korero sessions), oracle readings, your personal Full Year Ahead report or Astrological birth chart readings.

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May is a pretty significant month as FOUR planets are Retrograde! Retrogrades are when, due to orbital speed and angles, certain planets APPEAR to go backwards from our vantage point. Meaning that we may PERCEIVE these areas of our life to be ‘not moving forward’ in their normal way but actually, they’re an opportunity to re-think, readjust, consolidate what we’ve learned or discover new endings or opportunities that we had missed: as long as we aren’t fighting against this cosmic energy to try and keep ‘business as usual’.

Pluto, retrograde until October, is bringing us back over the lessons from late November 2019 to now, giving us an opportunity to examine power and disempowerment. For many intuitives or awakened souls, this can be a personal clarion call to use your power differently or indeed to deepen it through a more structured learning to back up your beliefs. For others, this time is a period for you to restore some power over your time and sanity back to yourself - even if you are still in lockdown (as we are here in the UK), you’ve observed enough now that you can enact your power in more effective ways. I know some parents, for example, are choosing to continue home-schooling until the end of the year. Or, it may be time to really prioritise your sleep hygiene and media use. It’s up to you. Pluto Retrograde helps you reset the balance between what takes from your life-energy and what sustains it!

If you've been struggling with a sense of dread or fear, I've written a post about it HERE that might help.

Venus, the planet of beauty, pleasure and values (or, love and money), will be Retrograde until the 25th of June. This happens once every few years and given Venus’ connection to our appearance and our spending, be very mindful of blowing money on toys, clothing or cosmetic treatments between now and then! Venus, when Retrograde, is reminding us of our intrinsic, human value as people.... Which is beautiful, but you don’t want to necessarily learn that the hard way by realising ‘things’ don’t make you happy AFTER you’ve gone $40k into debt for a new car. Or realising that your inner beauty is more important, through having an allergic reaction to at-home facial peels or dodgy Botox vendors and feeling scaly, sore and awful for a month. You know? That said, I’m all for experimenting with our look so embrace the at-home lockdown haircuts and backyard herbal recipes for cosmetics - just keep an open mind. Also, Venus Retrograde (in resourceful, stimulating Gemini!) is a magical time of reconnection for many of you, where you’re likely to encounter significant people both new and old, in the strangest of places.

Saturn will turn Retrograde mid-month, where the Cosmic Taskmaster planet will shortly dip back into Capricorn until the end of the year. Given that Saturn rules structure, effort, control, restriction and long-term rewards, and Capricorn is the sign of integrity, being grounded, business, institutions and success - Saturn back into Capricorn for a few months is an opportunity for you to use the experiences of the last few months to lay some new groundwork for how you’d like to move forward. It could be something as seemingly small as planting a garden, switching to small local businesses, speaking up about your needs at work and thinking about the long-term rather than just the immediate future. You can plant some GREAT seeds during this time. Jupiter Retrograde, beginning this month, is a reminder to appreciate our blessings, our hard work, and to act with generosity in our thinking. Jupiter Retrogrades often coincide with some shifts around our personal philosophy - the next four months may be a significant time for you of finding a spiritual mentor, understanding a political movement differently or working on your manifesto to publish!

Finally, there will be a Full Moon in Scorpio in a week today, on the 7th of May. Scorpio symbolises (again! See these repeating themes?) power, transformation, the psychic realm, and all things taboo - money, sex, taxes, death, intimacy. This full moon is going to ask us to think about the role of PRIVACY and AUTHENTICITY in different parts of our lives - you may feel a desire to go more inward with your ideas or feelings to let them grow quietly. It’s also a time that much-needed change at home or work may be on the agenda.

The darkest, most low-energy part of May are the three days before the Gemini New Moon on the 22nd. This ‘dark moon’ period is our monthly collective time of rest, where the seeming absence of the Moon from the night sky made for a long dark night that the Ancients would utilise by sleeping from sunset to sunrise. It’s beautiful spiritual practice to work this time into your routine too - at least take time out for some silence, a long bath or a book.

That’s all from me now - I hope this helps you for the month ahead, please do feel free to contact me for sessions, readings and counsel!

Aroha nui,


In the spiritual and wellness worlds, especially among women, there’s a shared history and collective memory of hundreds of years of persecution for ‘witchcraft’ and the horrors that resulted thereof - burnings at the stake, drownings, torture. . There’s a lovely quote that goes around and it’s something like ‘We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn’. . I want to korero on this briefly today, as something that I’ve practiced and also studied in depth for many years. (Which I’d recommend, but it IS harrowing to read. Get in touch if you'd like me to suggest some books!). . So, we know that for centuries, many (primarily) women were hunted for quotas, punished, killed and tortured on suspicion of ‘witchcraft’. This could be things as simple as, having a garden of herbs that grew particularly well or having a baby that died suddenly or being kind to animals. In nonlinear timeframes or reincarnation beliefs, many current spiritual/holistic practitioners identify themselves as these accused ‘witches’. And, as I advocate, it is BECAUSE of this history that as women now it is important that we celebrate and express our freedom to create, heal, love and connect without fear. Whether it is simply owning our own small business in any field, dressing the way we want to or actually practising healing or witchcraft/brujeria. . HOWEVER. Something that I never see mentioned is this: For these hundreds of years of witch trials, many millions of (mostly) women, escaped-- by choosing to, being encouraged to, or being forced to -- blame and accuse OTHER WOMEN of witchcraft. If you were a woman who was rich or had a good family or husband, and you were accused of witchery, you were literally encouraged to point the finger at ANOTHER WOMAN to take the blame instead of you - so that witch hunting quotas could still be fulfilled. Women who couldn't defend themselves, who were considered weak or ugly or who were disadvantaged through poverty or loss - were the easiest for other women to target in order to save themselves. .

And so that is what women did. And what we know, factually, is that the women who DID end up being burned, tortured and killed for ‘witchcraft’ were primarily old, poor, disabled women or women of colour. Hundreds of stories talk about women literally offering up their brown-skinned maids or their poor neighbours or their crippled sisters to be punished for ‘witchcraft’ to save themselves.


So when we talk about our collective history, we must not forget that is also what happened.


I know a lot of people don’t get why a ‘witchy’ or ‘spiritual’ practitioner such as myself harps on so much about politics, racism, social justice or other ‘non spiritual’ issues as much as I do Tarot or meditation or the Zodiac.


It’s because we can see this happening again in our modern world. Where in our own fight to survive and succeed, we throw other women under the bus to be punished for us. And once again, the women that are judged, othered, shamed, enslaved, punished, discriminated against or oppressed are… poor, old, differently-abled women and women of colour.


Put simply: You cannot call yourself a witch, a bruja or a spiritual “healer” if you aren’t, in ALL of your daily choices, ensuring that other women with lesser privilege aren’t being elevated and kept safe too.


If the political rights, social justice and safety of MARGINALISED women are not a huge part of your spiritual practice, you’re simply perpetuating exactly what happened for hundreds of years of witch-hunting across the world by using your own privilege to save your ass and punish someone else’s.


We are all incarnated here, at this time, to change things. If you believe in reincarnation, we are the reincarnated souls of the women who weren’t burned but also those who WERE. Just like those women of yore, you may feel that in order for YOU to be safe, attractive, loved or successful, that you need to do things that perpetuate other women’s suffering. And that’s understandable. You may feel afraid. You may be brainwashed to think that feminism means ‘man hating’.


But know that there is no collective healing of what I call the ‘witchcraft wound’ until we change the outcome of that story. When as women, we extend whatever privilege we have to listen and care for marginalised women, even if it’s uncomfortable or means ordering less products on Amazon or buying less fast fashion. Our collective history is that of women who were forced or chose to sacrifice each other in order to survive.


Imagine the changes that can happen in this world when all of the women who were affected by centuries of punishment for simply being creative, caring or healing - band with each OTHER. Not just advocate for their OWN safety and success, but others too. When space is provided at the table for those other than the privileged, thin, white and attractive. When we stop aiming for exclusivity and start aiming for inclusivity.


Being at home, with limited money but more influence over our time right now, is a beautiful opportunity to start to collectively heal that together. Be mindful about the ethics of who you spend your money with. Really assess the authenticity and equality of the people you follow online. Don’t be afraid to ask businesses or gurus what they do in order to be accessible to marginalised women (it can be as simple as offering payment plans).


Being a witch or a healer isn’t about the amount of herbs in your garden or the crystals on your windowsill. It’s about protecting, healing and supporting each other in TRUTH. It's about choosing to no longer fight to be 'one of the ones who were privileged to survive', but to fight so that no other has to suffer for us.


We are all responsible. We all have power to extend to those that have none. We are safe enough to elevate others.


Happy Eostre - festival of rebirth. May all witches, accused witches, or women who haven’t yet discovered their inner Witch, be made safe and well.

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From today til July, and then from December 2020 until 2023 Saturn - The father-god who as a planet rules time, effort, mastery and structure - is moving from Capricorn into Aquarius! Saturn transits last 2-3 years, visiting each sign once every 29 years. Collectively, Saturn brings attention and challenges to work through - and in Capricorn since late 2017, the sign of big business, government & institutions, all of our global conflicts have related to our world leaders, banks, religions and social structures and what happens when power goes corrupt.

Saturn gets a bad rap in modern Insta-Astrology because in the age of superficiality and disconnection, it's easy to interpret Saturnine energy as like... difficult.

The thing is this. (And this is super important if you were born in 1991-92 and are having your Saturn Return in the next year!) Saturn doesn't punish us, it asks us to take the time to invest and nurture, what we want to grow. If this matters to you, be present and care for it. Do it properly.

Practical solutions. Show up. Long-term benefits.

Collectively Saturn (with Pluto) in Capricorn has been asking - 'Ok, are you happy with family behaviour, your government's priorities, people who are in power? Do you trust them to rely on them?' and if not, 'Where can YOU take responsibility now?'

Saturn transits don't ask for miracles, they ask us to show up and do something tangible. I.e. There's no point ranting online if you aren't also doing objective research to ensure you have correct information and then translating that into action like protests, petitioning and personal responsibility. There's no point getting your hair done but skipping the overdue trip to your dentist. Sometimes it feels better to have savings instead of a holiday. You SHOULD be saying please, thank you and sorry to your partner and being accountable to your family. You know? It's about boiling down what's important, INVESTING TIME & ENERGY into MASTERING that thing so that it lasts and blooms.

Anyhoop, let's talk Saturn in Aquarius!

Aquarius, the sign of friends and organisations, ideals, dreams, theories and technology, is humanitarian but distant - an air sign, after all. Saturn in Aquarius is bringing us challenges in those areas collectively, not to punish us but to help us prioritise and sort what's REAL from what isn't. And above all to remember that our lives both impact, and are impacted from the world around us - we don't exist in a bubble, even when it would be comforting to believe so.

Saturn in Aquarius ideas:

-Transform your dreams into something real.

-Are you being too idealistic with some relationships or trends?

-Consider the possibility that you may be wrong sometimes & it's an opportunity to grow.

-Make your business actively inclusive, not exclusive.

-Be on the lookout for extremist dogma

-Reinvent your working schedule or education.

-If your group, organisation or friend circle no longer resonates with your values, go solo.

-Challenge outdated ideas within yourself and outside of yourself

-Learn to embrace the voices of people that you may not have considered, don't be afraid of the new!

Saturn in Aquarius recent history:

1991-1993 Apartheid dismantled, South Africa

Hubble Telescope launched, giving unprecedented views of space & Earth

First International World Ocean's Day Apple releases their first personal laptop computers

1962-1964 American Civil Rights Act signed into law

Helen Gurley Brown publishes 'Sex and the Single Girl' Channel Tunnel is commenced to connect the UK and France UK death penalty is abolished World's first high-speed rail network introduced BASIC (user-friendly computer programming language) is released


Read below for your personal Saturn in Aquarius horoscope!

Over the next 3 years, Saturn in Aquarius will impact all of us in global and also personal ways. Read your Rising Sign first (if you know it!) and your Sun Sign to get an idea of what areas of your life are up for:

-Restructuring or defining in a more truthful, innovative way

-Mastering or investing time, patience & effort into

-Finding solutions to old wounds or problems

-Releasing old conditioning & taking ownership

-Realising how much personal influence you have- and using it

-Receiving or witnessing justice

-Using technology, new or radical ideas, professional help, spiritual or humanitarian inspiration

-Slowing down, focusing and doing what needs to be done


ARIES RISING/SUN: Friends, groups, organisations, dreams, political or social affiliations, goals, beliefs, networks and your vision of your own future and that of humanity.

TAURUS RISING/SUN: Career, public persona, privacy or lack of, success, leadership, professional goals, achievements, status, fatherhood, ego and what you want to be known or remembered for.

GEMINI RISING/SUN: Education, higher learning, academia, study, long-distance travel or foreign cultures and issues, justice, law, worldview, religion, your personal philosophy, dogma and how you perceive freedom.

CANCER RISING/SUN: Intimate relationships, sexuality, debts, inherited beliefs, fears or money, taxes, ancestors, transformation, power balances, healing, the shadow, personal development, the influence of significant others and your relationship to spirituality.

LEO RISING/SUN: Relationships, compassion, dependencies, commitments, grudges, enemies, how you deal with opposition or resistance, the balance of give and take, authenticity in connections, accountability, growing with others, understanding and commitment.

VIRGO RISING/SUN: Physical health, the body, daily routine, being of service to others and the world, obligations, duties, daily job, exercise, mental health, work, rituals, repairs, lifestyle, self-discipline and your day-to-day choices like food, commuting, schedule.

LIBRA RISING/SUN: Romance, children, fertility, creativity, artistic endeavours, personal expression, truth-telling and truth-hearing, affection, joy, gambling, freedom, fun, entertainment, hobbies and how you define what pleasure is good for your soul and what is distraction.

SCORPIO RISING/SUN: Home, family, motherhood, town or country of origin, culture, your roots, memories, emotional baggage or karma, burdens, the structures of your life including your house and your inner peace.

SAGITTARIUS RISING/SUN: Communication, listening, mental focus and discipline, gossip, siblings and cousins, daily interactions, early education, behaviour, local travel, trade, weather, how you relate to the media and what and how you share with others.

CAPRICORN RISING/SUN: Income, assets, valuables, your money, shopping, ownership, materialism, self-worth, self-esteem, morality, gadgets, data, spending, borrowing, clothing, how you define yourself psychologically/spiritually vs materially and what is emotionally valuable to you.

AQUARIUS RISING/SUN: Getting to know yourself, how you perceive the world and are perceived, identity, wishes, needs, talents, skills, desires, selfishness, selflessness, vision, manifestation, decompartmentalising your life and living in line with your values.

PISCES RISING/SUN: Healing, rest, sleep, spirituality, the past, solitude, meditation, peace, self-sabotage, addiction, memories, nostalgia, delusion, endings, closure, release, cleansing, Higher powers, the Angelic realm and learning to be alone with yourself.

FOR ALL SIGNS: Be present. Try something new. Breathe. Walk the talk. Take baby steps. Don't judge. Look to the long-term outcome, not how messy things may look today. Remember that you're building something of value.

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