(or, like, how I walk my talk in realtime)

All living beings have an equal right to access and name Source Energy. And, to define the way that they experience it according to their culture and needs. Your God/Source/Truth will appear for you in a way that makes sense to you. I'll always respect that.


Black, indigenous and people of colour are centred in my work. No collective spiritual advancement can or will take place until social, legal and financial reparations are made. More important than manifesting 'more' abundance for ourselves, is reducing poverty, violence and oppression for others. In my work I aim to challenge and de-center colonialism, white supremacy and toxic patriarchy.

We are all connected and all actions have a flow-on effect. We are incredible stardust-magic-energy forces living a human body experience - together. We all deserve compassion for ourselves and each other. I practise empathy and non-judgement.

Sexuality and beauty is sacred and divine along with all other forms of creativity and connection. Purity or worthiness is not attached to a person's individual choice of sexual or gender expression. Freedom of all kinds comes from when we stop listening to the idea that we need to earn back our human rights or worthiness through conformity. 

Self-education is a responsibility. Through listening, researching, observation and meditation; there are no excuses to not always be learning, growing and challenging outdated or damaging ideas. Spiritual, political and logical ideologies benefit from a filter of 'is this helpful? is this humane? is this honest?'

Taking the spiritual path doesn't mean detaching & bypassing reality. It means seeking truth, wholeness and liberation, which at times may mean speaking up or feeling anger, asking for accountability or taking responsibility.


 Our bodies are sacred and very gentle containers that tell us all we need and have forgotten. Rituals are the time-honoured way to safely communicate change, healing or safety to the body.

It is a privilege to learn and engage in sacred practices from many native cultures around the world. Yet it is essential that what we take from a tribe, from the Earth, from another, we give back. We cannot minimise the sufferings of our native people and lands, or use their sacred emblems for fashion trends or our own advantage. We honour those who have gone before.

Gratitude is the most essential and life-giving practice that exists.

Love is at the core of all there is. I know this, beyond all things, to be true.