A really important letter from me to you.

Kia ora soul family,

How are you guys doing?

If you’ve been following me for a few years, you know that I’ve been talking about early 2020 as being a really pivotal time in our personal & collective history. I’ve been genuinely amazed at how many of you have, in your own ways over the last 2-3 years, felt an intuitive push to make really authentic, life-deep changes whether it’s moving on from toxic relationships to home-schooling your children or finding more flexible career options and more. Even when it’s been uncomfortable or felt selfish, doesn’t it show you how spiritually protected and intuitive you are, sensing the need to be more free & agile in the years ahead?

So let me say, first of all, I feel incredibly blessed and inspired to know you.

Secondly, I know a lot of you are being walloped with information, demands, strange circumstances, isolation, money struggles or other stress at this time whether in light of Covid-19, the aftermath of bushfires, Brexit or economic downturn.

So here are the ways in which I will be of service to you at this time.

1. All Tell Me Everything intuitive korero sessions, booked by the end of March, are nearly half price at only £45 each instead of £70. (Enter promo code AQUARIUS at checkout to apply discount).


2. All Your Personal Year Ahead Astrology Reports are £50 each instead of £77. (Enter promo code ZODIAC at checkout to apply discount).


I’ve given this a lot of thought. Like many of you I am a small business owner, choosing to step away from a high-paying public services career because I want to help people, but also needing to pay rent, feed my loved ones and so on. So all that I ask is that, if you do avail of this offer (or even if you don’t), that you share my work in some way. It was never my goal to make a million dollars and be famous on Oprah - only to guide people and teach spiritual practice through which they can survive trauma, thrive and create beautiful lives full of love & truth and joy. So I don’t have aggressive marketing campaigns or ads on my website, I don’t share clickbait articles, fear-mongering or other ways of getting your attention; preferring instead to connect organically with other human beings. So please, do forward this or my other emails, do share an Instagram post @kelseykorero, tag a friend who may benefit or resonate with me! Connecting in loving, integrity-aligned ways is the future.

3. All Goddess Isis Oracle Readings booked by the end of March are £29.99 each. (Enter promo code GODDESS at checkout to apply discount.)


4. For only £20, I’ll be offering one hour Skype/Zoom cosmic catch-up sessions. What are these? Not a reading, and not a full coaching or personal counsel program, if you simply need an hour to vent to someone, discuss the spiritual or deeper meaning/symbolism of current events with someone (me) who’s not spiritually bypassing OR fearmongering, dream interpretation, even just have a sanity-saving chat or advice on your spiritual practice, home life, relationship, fears, stress - whatever you need. It might be advice on a particular Tarot card meaning, doing breathing exercises together, even a guided meditation from me or a bitching session about your psycho boss. A full hour, just you and me. If you need to hide in your broom cupboard away from your family with a glass of wine and your hot water bottle while we talk, do it. Okay? Let me be here for you.


5. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be hosting Instagram Live Korero with Kelsey sessions. First up will be talking about the symbolism of the myth of Persephone and Pluto and how we can apply this to healing or working through trauma or a change in life circumstances. The idea of these is a) to learn something fun to add to your spiritual toolbox but also b) to connect and not be stranded with your own thoughts if you’re isolated. Think of it like a remote hang-out in my living room! Light your incense, grab a coffee and join me. I’ll be answering questions too. Keep an eye out - I’ll post reminders on IG and FB before the time!

Let me just finish with an update on the current global astrology - some things to think about.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2019/2020 is like a X-point in the history of the world. Saturn rules (among other things) time, patriarchy, structure, effort. Think banks, families, institutions, healthcare systems, the stock market, our families. Pluto rules power, death/rebirth, transformation, taboos. When these two planets interact (which they rarely do), we experience pivotal world events that seem like chaos as certain systems (Saturn) crumble into anarchy (Pluto). But you see, the POINT of them is for us, as individuals, to rebuild healthier, stronger systems that can truly last - not things built on false power, greed, hatred, inequality. Like the Tower card in Tarot, this is an uncomfortable moment of really showing us the state of the world, and it’s not about panicking OR ignoring things, it’s just realising that we DO contribute to this, like it or not, and if we want to see a better vision in the world then we need to, in our own ways, create that vision.

Other Saturn-Pluto moments in history include the outbreak of AIDS in the 1980’s (and remember the discrimination & misinformation that this caused?), 9/ll, the ‘invention’ of the Internet, the first nuclear bomb dropped, the French Revolution and the Protestant Reformation. It’s okay to be afraid, but it’s also important to realise that we are ALL human and our little choices spread like a ripple and impact everybody else. By freeing yourself of toxic systems & old ways of behaving, you free others and you free up your future options to be more rewarding.

Also! Saturn, after two years in Capricorn, moves briefly into Aquarius this week until July, and then will stay there from December 2020 until 2023. Saturn in Aquarius will bring big shifts in our collective ideals, the ways we use technology and the way we disseminate information. I’m making a straight-up prediction here which is - the next two years are important to be very careful about the information you put online about yourself and your family. Aquarius, the air sign, is often dogmatic but is better able to see the bigger picture. More people will be having a more global outlook and this will lead to personal changes. For example, the trend of ‘fast fashion’ like H&M, Primark, Topshop seems harmless but the low cost of this clothing causes HUGE landfill and forces millions of workers (including children) into labour in terrible conditions. I believe people will be starting to link their individual actions to what’s happening out there in the bigger world.

I realise this is a huge email and I greatly appreciate you reading! As ever, I am here to support you, wherever you are in the world, with huge amounts of love, clarity & understanding. Please share, please connect with each other and me, please utilise this time so you can look back with pride.

Do book yourself in with me during the rest of March and let me (and Spirit!) help you recharge. We have so much to look forward to, if we care for each other.

Aroha nui,



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