The Most Important Key to Surviving Retrograde Season

If you’re an intuitive, sensitive or creative person, the next few months of Retrogrades are going to ask you to do the following: . BE CONSCIOUS IN THE INFORMATION THAT YOU RECEIVE. .

I read a study once- it said that in 1960, the average working adult’s brain took in around 75 new forms of stimuli a day. Reading a newspaper, for example, might be 20 of those. Listening to your partner talk about their day would be 3 or 4 bits of stimuli, watching the news would provide 5, and so on. . In 1995, the average adult’s brain took in around 150 new forms of stimuli a day, and this correlated with an increase in depression, addiction and stress-related disease. . The most recent study, from 2017, assessed that we now process 1,230 pieces of new information per day. We encounter 500+ social media posts, 30+ pictures of people’s bodies/possessions/family lives, 25+ articles, increased traffic noise, App updates, alarms, Youtube ads, TikToks….

Your brain is NOT designed to be comparing itself, and sizing up potential threats, so constantly. . I’m not here to tell you to get off the internets! But I will tell you that it has been proven that this over-stimulation is soooooo bad for us. In fact, overstimulation has such a numbing effect that over time, the only thing that can create a spike in emotion, is through a purchase (the effects of which last less than sixty seconds) OR through a stressor like an abusive internet troll or clickbait or an argument that kicks us into Fight or Flight mode. . Some spiritual folk try to go all the way in the other direction and avoid reality altogether, which, in the end… is just as numb as being over-stimulated, yes? Missing out on the Divine gift of human existence.

. So what I advise especially when I work with intuitives, healers, sensitives and artists, is this. Sure, lessen your overall ‘tech’ time but more importantly: learn to be conscious about when and how you receive this stimuli. . Everyone’s had the type of experience where you’re just scrolling Facebook right before bedtime and you come across the most infuriating comment that makes your blood boil. Or finding out by accident on Instagram that that awful boss you used to have, just won the lottery. Or randomly encountering a gory video or a picture of some supermodel’s body or an unsolicited d**k pic. Or checking Whatsapp quickly while you’re on the loo and being hit with a wall of text from someone having a total meltdown. When we PASSIVELY consume tech, letting it be a part of our unconscious function, those bits of stimuli end up ruling our happiness, our emotional safety, our mindset, our stress levels, not to mention our intuition, creativity or healing/psychic ability. . The reason that I chose long ago to NOT conduct Korero sessions in person is because 90% of intuitives that I met were so overstimulated and ungrounded that it was like trying to find clarity in a tidal wave. By giving myself and them the space of physical distance, we could find greater clarity and accuracy rather than just emotional-spiritual dumping. . The next few months of Retrogrades are beautiful in their own way, but have the capacity to be overwhelming and overstimulating. The Jupiter-Pluto signature of this year symbolises BIG cult thinking and BIG egotistical delusions which you absolutely do NOT want to deal with, as an awakened intuitive soul! .

My advice is simple. CHOOSE when and where you engage with tech. Give yourself 40 minutes a day to do emails and ONLY emails, or Whatsapp and ONLY Whatsapp, knowing that, ok, this time may be spent focusing on somebody else’s issues and I'm ready for that. Sit down and use Instagram and nothing else, being *aware* ahead of time that you’ll likely be hit with images that will make you compare yourself against others. Do scholarly research instead of falling down a Youtube or FB rabbithole, as you have no way of safely fortifying yourself against stray information that isn’t helpful or relevant to you. Limit how many people’s opinions you see online. I unfollow nearly everyone! Not because I disagree or dislike their posts; but actually the opposite! Because I want to CONSCIOUSLY interact with them. Once a week I’ll go ‘Ooh, I wonder what XYZ is up to?’ or ‘I love ABC’s writing, lemme check their page’. I choose to access other people's 'stuff' when I'm in the right place to witness or receive it, rather than passively adding it to my mental load.


The most important self-care that you can do personally, whether you’re a witch or just a wise soul, is take back some level of control over what is ALLOWED to influence your emotional and physical state. I’m rolling my eyes at the ULTRA-CAPRICORN of this statement but: being able to PREPARE yourself to receive information is so important rather than allowing it to impact you unconsciously. Important to your creative flow, your psychic ability, your connection to nature.


Be wise, witchies! Care for thyself!

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