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This five-week intensive remote course will build your astrology knowledge from the ground up - whether you know nothing at all but are looking to add a new tool to your wellness toolbox, or you’re addicted to your CoStar app and need to know how it all works from the ground up. Even if you are already a little bit of an Astro-witch or a Moon worshipper and you want to explore this more deeply and bring all your collected bits of knowledge in a supportive, modern, informed & fun space.


Or if right now, you're managing a household full of other panicked people and you just need an hour a week to be lifted up, where you get to talk and think about YOU. 


All you need: Your birth details, including time and location, a journal or App to jot down your thoughts, and an hour or two each week to hang out online with an expert Astrology Queen (me) and a supportive astro-coven! That’s all. Each lesson is a chance for you to light some incense, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, curl up somewhere cosy and learn about yourself through your own astrological natal chart.


Remember, witches can still gather together even in self-isolation. All it means for you is that you get to wear your pajamas!


Each week will include:

  • A Zoom live natal Astrology lesson with me!

  • Activities and opportunities to explore your own natal birth chart, ask questions and share your own personal experiences

  • A free video lesson to watch at any time

  • Journal exercises, writing prompts and reflective questions

  • An astrological weather update on the week so you can plan ahead

  • Ritual ideas and more


Learn about:

  • Planets, zodiac mythology and themes

  • Life cycles, how to understand and make the most of spiritual lessons

  • Astrological transits and how they impact you

  • The Houses of astrology and how you can use these to pinpoint dreams, goals, wounds and needs in yourself and others

  • The history of astrology and how it actually works! (In case you need to argue with a skeptical friend)


I’ve been practising and studying astrology for over 20 years and it forms the basis of my deep, intuitive spiritual practice. I have actively utilised it to find healing, job offers, wisdom and opportunities throughout my life. As we enter into a time of great change, the need for people to heal and connect with themselves and each other authentically becomes incredibly important, and of all of the spiritual/wellness modalities, Astrology is the most fascinating, abundant and accurate doorway into doing so. When you learn with me you are listened to and valued. Your personal experience of a placement or a transit matters just as much as traditional Astrology books written seventy years ago, and my goal is always to find ways to embrace gifts, make the most of hard times with wisdom and clarity, and find new skills you may not have even thought of. 


I can’t wait for you to join me!


This course is intimate, so I can spend as much time with each person as possible - it will book out quickly, so do secure your place!

A Five-week Astrology Course: Tea, incense, inspiration, the cosmos and YOU