This instant downloadable survival guide is everything you need to know about the 'dark moon' phase each month.


Noticed you're feeling inexplicably tired, overwhelmed, overstimulated, edgy? Unmotivated, restless, craving carbs and off the wagon?


Welcome to the dark moon - the few days each month before the New Moon where our hormones take a dip and moods go awry. This essential 6 page guide is packed with everything you need to know to understand the dark moon, feel your best and make the most of this time each month. PLUS super-helpful and relevant mantras and reminders for healing, growing and surviving. INCLUDES all the dark moon dates for 2018 to work into your calendar!


Best of all - it's two dollars! (That's £1.44). This is my wee gift to you - stay sane and enjoy!

Dark Moon Two Dollar Download