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Needing inspiration, some insight from your guides, a sign or have a single question you'd like a solution to?


Available only for a short time, this special is maybe just what you need after a serious and heavy start to 2020.


Deep intuition, solid (and loving) counsel and most importantly - insight from the gorgeous Goddess Isis Oracle deck - this fast reading is perfect for a hit of insight & support rather than the deep examination of a regular Tell Me Everything Tarot Reading. Sometimes you need advice, intuitive guidance and ideas presented with wise-but-gentle feminine compassion & fun - this session is for you!


Goddess Isis is the Ancient Egyptian embodiment of the Divine Feminine force, known as She Of A Thousand Names who represents all facets of feminine experience throughout the ages. The Goddess Isis Oracle deck is one of my most-special decks, bringing an energy of deep wisdom and a sense of cosmic sisterhood.


These readings will book out fast and numbers are limited!

Goddess Oracle Short Readings