In writing - a beautiful gift for yourself and one day, your little person!

I'm so excited to finally offer these sessions to the public. Inspired by all the astrology clients who have had 'aha!' moments with me and followed this with 'I wish I knew this about myself 20 years ago - my life would have been so different'!


Using your little one’s individual, specific birth details; this fascinating and insightful report is a perfect intro to understanding their soul, purpose and potential. Including:

-How they communicate, think and perceive the world around them
-Your child’s learning and listening style – what’s the best way to help them learn or get them to understand, both in school and at home? Not every child learns the same - their birth chart can detail THEIR personal style and habits of learning and absorbing information; helping parents to find the best programs, plans and creative ways to make their child's learning experience easy and peaceful
-Their inner needs and vulnerabilities, including how they may express difficult emotions such as sadness or anger + practical suggestions for individual outlets and support
-What to look out for in friends and their relationships with other young people, to keep them safe, secure and happy
-How their energy and inspiration can be best channelled or motivated
-What activities and creative pursuits would they find most enjoyable and satisfying, and what hidden talents they have, that need support to bloom. For older children and teenagers - school subjects and career path ideas
-Spiritual or generational issues and abilities – how to support a child with psychic, healing or mediumship abilities, crystal or Indigo children
+ many more questions and helpful tips tailored to your individual child as a growing soul with their own personality quirks, fears, dreams and potentials

I have been offering these positive sessions on an extremely limited basis due to high demand from astrology clients – as your baby grows into a child, teenager and adult, an astrological birth chart session is so invaluable in helping you understand and connect with them on a deep, soulful level. It also helps to facilitate easier learning, better communication and a happier parent-child relationship. The modern generation of children are going to change the world as we know it on a powerful level – these sessions are empowering for parents and their children!


Also a perfect gift for your teenager or young person growing interested in personal development, astrology, crystals or spirituality – simple to understand, fascinating, empowering, positive and full of safe and creative suggestions to get to know themselves!


This session can be delivered in both audio and written format for you to keep and refer to whenever needed - filled with suggestions and follow-up information, along with support and positivity! Every child deserves to have their individual selves seen and recognised and valued - I can't wait to hear from you.

My Magical Human – Astrology Session for Parents

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    We can discuss next your child/ren's birth details (date, time, and location) and any specific questions or areas of interest about your child. Then we're set to go and your session will be delivered with super insight, detail, connection to Source and love from me and the Universe!