Wellness business ethics and social justice

Moving forward with Integrity: BIPOC Ally consultations for leaders in their fields.

Anti-racism and decolonisation for wellness, spiritual & holistic businesses and entrepreneurs.

Specialising in beauty, fitness and health industries.

-Meditation, mindset and ritual (trauma-informed and decolonised)
-Astrology, Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Past Life Experiences and Psychic Phenomena
-Witchcraft, herbalism and nature
-Modern spiritual practice
-Finding your life purpose
And so much more...

A social justice activist and ethical spirituality advocate, I focus on bringing accurate, educated and respectful holistic, cultural and spiritual information to others.


There is a wealth of misinformation out there and poorly-researched, incorrect or even harmful advice that leaves people feeling confused or alone. I am a prolific and published writer who has written, interviewed, ghostwritten, guest-blogged, co-hosted and given presentations in Australia and Europe from webinars to conferences, pop culture websites and local newspapers to women's groups, cultural days, astrological societies and more. I love talking rituals, astrology, Tarot, body positivity, healing, ancient myths and rites, and practical spirituality; as in, how science and spirituality can literally be applied day to day for busy, tech-savvy, aware people from kids to adults in fun, decolonised, intersectional and thought-provoking ways– so get in touch!

Business Consults and Keynote Speaking: Ethics, Anti-Racism and Social Justice