My most popular session!

These detailed, in-depth intuitive tarot sessions (by voice recording: think up to an hour recording) will give you EVERYTHING you need to know about a situation or your life at the moment. Why things are happening, what's coming next, how to get to where you want to be most easily, any hidden influences or secrets you need to be aware of: these sessions are the full answers to everything, delivered with super relevant advice, counsel and foresight.


A deep intuitive, certified counselor, a lifelong Tarot reader, spiritual teacher and astrologer with a massive dose of calming-but-loving empathy, connection to Universe/Spirit, uber-pragmatist and highly organised Get Your Shit Together mentor, I've worked with amazing clients, native groups and healers worldwide since 2011 and can help, support, enthuse and advise you with accuracy, understanding, a plethora of ideas and goodness straight from your Guides and higher self who want YOU to wake up feeling loved, powerful and proven.

Tell Me Everything! Intuitive Session

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£58.80Sale Price
  • Once you've booked in your session, I will be in touch to your Paypal email within 24 hours to connect with you via email and confirm I've received it.

    Then, all you need to do is send through a recent photo of just yourself for me to tune into, a few lines of background info on your current situation and 1-3 specific questions or issues that you would like to focus your reading mostly on (although I include any other vital information that your guides pass on as well!).


    You can be general or specific but remember - the more specific YOU are about what you need to know, the more specific and detailed I can be.


    I.e. 'what's going on in my love life' compared to 'I'm unexpectedly single and would like to meet the right person for XYZ. What do I need to know to do this and what do I need to know about my breakup to heal from it and improve the situation?' will garner totally different responses!


    I'm not a 'performance reader' who will spend forty minutes telling you random clairvoyant facts that don't help you at all. Your guides want you to know ALL of the info, options and details so this is what I really delve into :-)


    This allows me to tune into your energy and Higher Self wherever you are in the world, and to connect with you strongly and do the most accurate, insightful reading possible for your highest good and happiness.


    Once this is received, in most cases your session will be delivered to you via email next week. Each one takes me up to 3 hours or more to do, including deep meditation, Tarot, Oracle, conversations with your Higher Self, guides and then putting your reading together for you. I devote untold energy to your reading and send it with love, positivity, protection and an open ear if you need it down the track!