The ultimate guidebook for astrologers, intuitive healers, empaths and creatives.

NEW 2018 EDITION - 166 pages of magic!


- FREE daily moon sign calendar for 2018, 2019 and 2020

- Astrology 101 for non-astrologers: How to understand astrology, your Sun Sign and Moon Sign

- Your Natal Moon Sign Celebrity Twins

- Mythology and history of each of the signs

- The Moon for mental & emotional health

- Hundreds of self-care tips, practical spiritual & wellness advice, insights and guidance for all moon transits through every sign of the Zodiac

- Inspiration and advice for YOUR natal Moon Sign for ultimate health, creativity & soulful purpose

ULTIMATE GUIDE to Moon Magic: Includes Daily Moon Calendar!

  • There's no need to read The Ultimate Guide to Moon Magic all at once!


    Use it whenever you want to understand a mood, a person, people's behaviour deeply and truthfully. Get a sense that something is 'off', looking for inspiration, can't put a finger on how you're feeling or wanting to land an amazing presentation? Use the FREE included daily Moon Sign calendar to check out where the Moon is on any date, for the next three years - turn to those pages - and fill up on inspiration, advice and insight!

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