For thousands of years, wahines (that is, women) from all around the world have shared their wisdom by storytelling. Dismissed and often misinterpreted by controlling, patriarchal systems in favours of tales of kings and invaders, the stories that women passed down to each other shared vital information about how to live, survive and thrive. At a time of global pressure and breakthrough, these stories become more important than ever.Join me from anywhere in the world for this five-part series, called Wahine e hoa: Stories from the Ancient Times. Each week, you’ll join me around the cosmic campfire as I share with you a korero (tale) about a sacred woman in mythology, her story, and how you can apply this message to your own life, right now. A perfect way to deepen your spiritual practice, learn about mythology or find a Sacred ancestress to guide you, each week will also include beautiful journal exercises for healing and strengthening your connection. "Myths live on: not because they are old stories, but because they are stories that are still happening". Whether you’re a single mama needing some spiritual strength to get through, a wellness leader looking for inspiration on how to lead clients through tough times, or just a woman who deserves some magic and a reminder of divine sisterhood in her life - these ancient stories have something for you. Come sit with me, grab a coffee and light some incense. You don't need to do anything, study anything, or even wear pants. This is just your own quiet revolution.Note that this series is delivered weekly as video/audio and journal. It is designed for you to listen to while on the bus, driving in the car, sitting by your fire, doing your morning meditation or before you go to sleep. You can share your journal thoughts and ideas with me, or keep them to yourself. (No toxic masculinity, whitewashing, ageism, colonisation, slut-shaming or cultural appropriation - I make sure of this!) (Audio and video available) Starting 21st August.LIMITED discounted places until 16th August- £33.33   (Images by Kim Herbst, Herb Kane and Gemma Koomen)

Wahine e hoa: Stories from the Ancient Times

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