Forget vague newspaper horoscopes - your natal astrological details are specific to YOU, right down to the place and minute that you were born. Nobody else shares your birth chart but you. Astrology is the most powerful tool in the spiritual toolbox - educational, healing and deeply predictive. Using it to understand what the dynamics of your life, previous relationships or situations were and, importantly, WHY. How to break old cycles or patterns, how to find meaning or purpose in your life, even gain clarity on your current situations.


In this reading, I examine and explain the fascinating details of your birth astrology simply and powerfully: from the style in which you love, learn, heal, fight, communicate and achieve best, to karmic patterns in your relationships, your hidden needs and how to satisfy them, what challenges you are most sensitive to and how best to cope with them, hidden talents or career paths, where best in the world to live/love/work, your bigger life purpose and even a look ahead at the next 6 months at what cycles are ending, beginning and what opportunities lie ahead for you to take advantage of. Astrology is such a vital natural science of perfect timing- understanding yours or another's chart can be lifechanging.

Pandora's Box - Your Natal Astrological Chart

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