"Kelsey - I cant thank you enough. I got my Year Ahead session last October and was able to implement some changes before the lockdowns and coronavirus hit exactly as you predicted. I feel like this has been the craziest most empowering year of my life and I can't thank you enough" - Helen P, Potomac USA

2021 is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius - a 20 year period heralding humanitarian awakenings, freedom, technological connection and search for a Higher truth after decades of struggle and striving!

Here, I explore your own specific natal astrology birth chart to map out everything that's coming for you over the next year or more - in beautiful, caring, relevant detail - and advice on how to mitigate and make the best of each phase.


Where the lessons of the self-focused 2010's evolves into new wisdom, lessons and horizons around our relationships with ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our abilities, our planet and perhaps most of all - each other. Many people will find that whereas the 2010-2019 period involved isolation, feeling 'different' or inward work, the 2020's will be much more 'external', where lessons and growth are experienced through the people and places we form relationships with.


This gorgeous, in-depth report (my absolute favourite Korero offering) explores - specific to you only - is your personal astrological transits of 2021/2022 and beyond, along with my usual dose of intuitive guidance, super-practical suggestions, explanations to fully understand the whys and hows of what's happening for you and loads of love and support! Perfect if 2020 feels like it 'got away from you' and you want to step into the new year and new decade feeling wiser, calmer and with deep foresight. Focusing on how to feel safe and secure during 'difficult' periods, mitigate harm, along with unseen opportunities to look out for and suggestions on timing throughout 2020/21 (whether you're planning a wedding, buying a house, re-entering the dating world or looking for a new job) as well as exciting developments in life, love and growth.


Knowing what to expect and when, tips on how to deal, along with exactly how to manage your individual transits make your life so much easier and more meaningful, ESPECIALLY if you have indeed had to 'go it alone' for much of the last decade. This is a perfect gift to yourself or a friend, particularly if you're experiencing some tough transits: Neptune/Pluto (age 25, also called the quarter-life crisis), your Saturn Return (age 29-31, the 'need to sort my life out' phase) or Uranus Opposition (age 37-42, the ultimate in existential 'throw the whole thing away and start over') Included is your personal Numerology 'theme' for the year, to give you a greater depth of insight into how 2020/21 fits into, and is shaping, your future.


I started studying Numerology as a child and find particularly yearly Numerology to be soooo personally helpful! Even if you've never had an Astrological reading before - this is the perfect time! This session isn't anything like junk 'horoscopes' (or your automated Co-Star app) - it's specific details, times, dates and super relevant, easy-to-understand information about where you specifically, and your soul, are at for the year ahead (in every aspect from healing to career to finding friends or hobbies) and absolutely essential to begin your foray into the next decade with grace, groundedness and joy.


Your session is delivered in a lengthy, beautifully-written report for you to reflect on whenever you need throughout the year, as well as a copy of your personal Astrological birth chart - your soul blueprint. Want to know which areas of your life are likely to be impacted at any point throughout the year? You need this!


There are only limited spaces for these early-bird sessions, to be delivered between 19th Nov and 7th of December - perfect to start planning your New Year!


*When booking, please email with your time, date and location of birth. I will be in touch right away so we can begin*



YOUR YEAR AHEAD ASTROLOGY REPORT: Entering the Age of Aquarius

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