THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to Moon Magic 2018 Edition

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Click here for the e-book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to Moon Magic: 2018 Edition

The ultimate guidebook for astrologers, intuitive healers, empaths and creatives.

NEW 2018 EDITION - 166 pages of magic!


- FREE daily moon sign calendar for 2018, 2019 and 2020

- Astrology 101 for non-astrologers: How to understand astrology, your Sun Sign and Moon Sign

- Your Natal Moon Sign Celebrity Twins

- Mythology and history of each of the signs

- The Moon for mental & emotional health

- Hundreds of self-care tips, practical spiritual & wellness advice, insights and guidance for all moon transits through every sign of the Zodiac

- Inspiration and advice for YOUR natal Moon Sign for ultimate health, creativity & soulful purpose


Click here for the e-book TAROT WITHOUT FEAR: My Top Ten Tarot Tips for Powerful Intuitive Readings

Do you read Tarot cards but they sometimes scare you?

Are you a Tarot reader who wants to build your clients?

Are there certain Tarot cards that just give you a weird feeling?

Do you pull some cards that seem to make no sense to your reading?


I can help!


TAROT WITHOUT FEAR is my sparkly new go-to-guide for connecting deeply to Tarot, doing more accurate readings and working intuitively with your cards. Allowing you to step into your own, individual power as an intuitive Tarot reader.


This isn’t a dictionary of set card meanings for you to try and memorize – it’s the techniques that I know work to understanding the deeper messages for YOU.


This download has in detail, loaded with interesting examples, my top ten tips for amazing intuitive readings.


PLUS it includes a guide on pre-Tarot reading ritual and my favourite powerful questions to ask your cards to get answers you need!