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"Kelsey, a year after doing our natal astrology chart course I can honestly say my life has changed for the better. I feel like (I'm shedding tears of gratitude as I write this) I have finally met myself. THANK YOU." AM, New Zealand


"Hi Kelsey! Just a quick note to say a huge resounding thank you for your wonderful anti Racism talk for the Brutally Honest Babes in Business seminar. You've opened our eyes on so many ways, provided such a joyous attitude and answered so many things that many are afraid to ask." Nicole East, US

"Kelsey I just wanted to write and tell you thank you so much for your words of wisdom over the last two years. I relax every time I hear your soothing voice, you truly are an old Polynesian sister soul & I love your humor and level of detail. My astrology chart blew me away. I have no words. Your insight is second to none." F, Hawaii


"As always, Kelsey spoke my Spirit and soul directly to me in my Tell Me Everything session. She truly did tell me everything I needed to know in that moment! I rarely get readings for myself and trust very few with my innermost truths, yet connecting with Kelsey is like connecting with my Higher Self's Sister here on Earth. She is extremely articulate, accurately taps into higher energies and is able to relay messages to me as if I were speaking to my most divine, wisest self, while still maintaining an appropriate sense of humor and lightness about it all. Kelsey has a rare gift in the world of modern mystics - a combo of an ability to remain a clear channel and filter messages of such high caliber, basically bypassing the Ego, AND real authenticity. I'm so grateful to have her in my soul family. Would absolutely recommend her with the utmost respect and love." Alison Lessard, USA

"Ah Kelsey.

Words aren't enough and thank you barely covers it. I listened to the MP3 last night and almost woke my daughter several times laughing! It was like sitting in a room with you, what a blast ❤️😘 I'm obviously going to be re-reading and listening again and again, as your reading was so chock-full of explosive little nuggets.

Honestly. I wish I could encapsulate in words how very valuable your work is, but I fear the more I say, the less it captures it, so I hope a heartfelt THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH reaches you xxx" P, UK

"As a fellow counsellor, I go to Kelsey when I need practical, no-bullshit advice and inspiration. She manages to weave folk knowledge with current events with a big dose of common sense into all of her counsel. I laugh and cry, I feel like she is there with me along the way. Thank you Kelsey!" F, Brazil

"First of all I wanted to say thank you for all your work with me! They always help ease my anxiety and calms me down. I have officially moved out of home  and everything is going well on that regard just as you said it would.. So THANK YOU! You always empower me to be better and keep going assuring me everything will be ok." J, Australia

"Thank you for giving me reassurance and telling me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear." L, Australia 

"Kelsey! Kelsey! Kelsey!!! You are soooo gifted!!! I seriously am in awe at how accurate this reading was. I felt every single part of it! I knew I needed to reach out to you to help me make sense of all of this and I am so thankful that I did. Thank you sooooo much!!! Thank you for confirming everything I thought I knew (intuitively) but just didn't trust myself. I appreciate you!!" L, Peru 

"Hi, thank u sooooo much for my reading! Really glad I did it. Funny how many things u said resonated with me! God bless xxx" JT, Ireland

"I re read our reading last night and I have to say it amazes me even more now as time has passed & I can start to see and feel an epiphany of awaking & enlightenment." JS, Australia

"Hey! Omg I am totally speechless!

Reading that completely blew my mind 

I went through so many emotions but everything was so perfectly spot on and exactly what i needed! I read it as soon as it came through at almost 3am and when I laid back down in bed it was like a huge sense of calm and relief washed over me and I felt like I was floating on a cloud knowing that everything in this life was chosen for me to make me stronger etc I'm just so amazed you are incredible and i cannot thank you enough." S, Australia

"Thank you for helping me arrive into my 'power space'! You're good...really good. Think I knew that a while back." I, USA


"Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. You picked up on so much that I actually started to tear up lol. It's reassuring to know that everything will pan out so thank you so much for giving me that peace of mind." CR, UK

"Thank you so much for such a beautiful reading Kelsey. You are a very gifted person and right on the money so much it's amazing. Thank you again, very appreciative and grateful for your reading." MT, Australia


"Now,about the reading: It was very accurate, you nailed it. I knew I had been guided your way for a reason. I have a spot-on sensor when it comes to sniffing out excellent intuitives!" VF, USA


"Thank you sooo much. This is just what I needed to give me the push and guidance I was after! xx" DA, UK


"Hey beauty! I finally met the man in the cards - and I'm brimming with love and gratitude. I wanted to let you know!" SQ, Ireland


Been reading and re-reading your amazingly insightful reading. It has opened my eyes to a few things. Amazed and awed as usual by your talent. Proper fantastic reading. Thank you!" PB, UK


"Once again - thank you so much! Such beautiful words which have really given me the courage to go on with these decisions. I can't wish you enough happiness!" MM, Ireland


"WOW Kelsey, you have answered a lot for me at this time. You are spot on with everything... thank you, thank you,thank you." KD, Ireland


"A super-knowledgeable expert in the field, spiritual counselor Kelsey Avalon of Vlon Tarot"  Buzzfeed USA

"Kelsey I loved this, it really resonates with me!" Mystic Medusa,


Once again you were unbelievably accurate its not funny! You have made me truly happy with my decisions!" KM, Australia


"TOTALLY FEELING this reading! Yes girl!" NK, USA


"I had so many 'aha' moments reading it! It summed up my year so perfectly and has really shed a light on my relationship that just makes so much sense. It was really an amazing reading Kelsey!" RJ, Australia


“OMG! I loved it. Thank you so much. I’m going to read it another 20 times I’m sure.” SS, Australia


“Hi Kelsey I just wanted to thank you for your tarot reading. It was amazing! I look forward to what 2015 brings!”  CH, Australia


“Wow, thanks so much! It makes sense… so much. All of it does!” JW, USA


“Hey. I just read it, thank you so much. I had goosebumps reading it, you’re amazing! I’m excited for the year ahead and it was spot on! Thank you soo much beautiful!” SK, Australia


“Just finished reading. Thank you, so much. It certainly resonated! A few tears of realisation were also shed. Thank you again.” AF, Australia


“Thank you so much for that reading, it rang true in so many ways! It was all bang on. I will definitely be reading that through a few times, what a beautiful writing style you have. Thank you again!” KG, Australia


“Hey people just had the most amazing reading from this beautiful young lady. So accurate and so amazing, look up her website. Thank you Kelsey you made my day.” LF, Ireland


 “Hey poss, that was really good!! The significator completely me! Underlying issues…yup! All of it was a very good read and made so much sense! And some things were exactly what has been in the back of my mind but something I didn’t want to face. Thank you so much this made me smile and just when things seem a little low this reminds me not to lose hope. Thanks again.” KK, Australia


“Thanks so much for doing all of this! I didn’t give much away in my question but all the readings are very relevant! In a nutshell – everything you said is right!” JM, England


“That is so spot on the money it is incredible. Happy for you to put the comments up. Thank you. Well done lady!” BT, Australia


“Whoa. That’s insane. Thank you so much my dear! That’s amazing. Thanks again. It made so much sense. I’ve never had a reading before so didn’t know what to expect. But so happy with it – you’re amazing, truly!” KC, Australia


 “Hello lovely, yes I was going to write you an email saying how fantastic you are. It was amazing! And a bit scary at how spot on it was too haha. It made perfect sense and put my mind at ease at some of the decisions I’ve made recently. I will definitely be booking in with you again. Thank you again!” RC, Australia


“Wow Kelsey. Thank you so much. I think you hit the nail on the head… it means the world to me you doing this. Thank you, thank you!” NC, Australia


“Fantastic Vlon! R is so happy with her reading and how accurate it was. I’ll keep you posted.” GS, Australia


“I read it three times to make sure I took it all in… you insightful little goddess. I laughed and teared up during that reading! I hope to stay in touch!” RJ, Australia


“Holy poop-cakes! You are wonderful… how do you know ALL THE THINGS?! Ha ha ha. I’ll be back for more, maybe this time next year.” HT, Australia


“Wow, what a reading. Spot on. Omg Kelsey, amazing. Thank you so much.” LF, Ireland


“Again Kelsey – I don’t know how you do it. I read what you write and I think ‘that makes sense’ and go ‘my goodness, how the hell does she know this?’ It’s amazing again. You write so well – you’ve got a gift! Thanks again – you’re amazing!” KK, Australia


“Thanks hunni you’ve been great!” NB, England


“Hi Kelsey… the reading was so accurate it scared me. Amazing!!!” TC, Ireland


“That really has so much accurate stuff in it it’s unbelievable.” DB, Australia


 “Thanks Kelsey. This made my business decision much easier.” SL, USA


“I’ve read this about 20 times today and am absolutely stunned at how accurate everything is. I literally cried the first time I read it. I honestly don’t know what to say except thank you so much and you’re absolutely amazing. You are truly gifted.” KC, Australia


 “Thanks! Very helpful/ enlightening!” ML, New Zealand


I was stunned with my reading and its accuracy. Your beautiful writing and your ability to put into words what I could not is nothing short of amazing. It was clear, concise, and very personal. I have much gratitude for your wonderful gift. Thank you." MD, Australia


“Now, the above was scarily accurate. I can relate all of what you have said to my past, present and future.” HS, Australia


“Oh my, Kelsey! This is perfect. Your reading is everything I’ve been pondering about, this has all the answers for me. Just know how accurate you are. I owe you way more than the price of a reading. Karma will be returned.” RT, Ireland