Your Astrological Year Ahead 2022-2023

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The world is beginning to open, but what's next for you in 2022-2023?

Need more traction, a fresh start, or to maintain what you've built?

Or are you ready for a deeper understanding of your life phases and cycles, including the one that you're currently in-- and what the 'point' of it all is?

These Full Year Ahead sessions have one magical, powerful aim in mind: To make your life easier and more meaningful with the insanely-insightful help of your sacred-to-you-only Astrological birth chart.

Not to toot my own horn, but here's some of the things I've talked about in previous Year Ahead Sessions that have empowered clients to make really great decisions:

- An upcoming global health/social crisis, forcing us to become deeply intimate with those who share our home spaces (written in January 2019)

- Recommendations to begin transition to working from home in time for 2020 (written in January 2019)

- A sociopolitical crisis point in late January 2020 (written in 2018)

+ so many more. I love Astrology, and I know from experience that it can change lives.



Every single thing you need to know about the next year (or more!), based on your own individual natal birth chart astrology.


As a lifelong Astrologer and high-profile Astrology teacher, this is my most in-depth, analytical and powerful session for making plans, making sense of, and making long-term decisions with strength and insight.

Backed up by decades of Astrological learning and teaching, therapeutic approaches and creative problem-solving. Remember, Astrology isn't a belief system - it's a language, utilising tens of thousands of years of human experience and natural events to give context (and pretty amazing foresight, let's be real!) to our lives.



Delivered in beautiful written report of 10-20 pages (4000+ words).

Payment plans available! Each of these sessions takes a full day, so spaces are very limited.

Pre-order now, and I'll be in touch to confirm! 

Year Ahead

PRE-ORDER SPECIAL: $111 AUD ($83 USD, £60 GBP, €70 EUR)